Mullin vs Schoenbachler
Posted Monday, January 24, 2011 04:58 PM

Ok so I'll start this forum off with a story I remember about my high school days. It was our senior year and I was lucky enough to have purchased Mike Lotto's "hot rod" 57 Chev. It was a pretty fast car for those days with a Muncie "rock crusher" four speed tranny, a built 327 with dual Carter four barrell carbs and about 375 HP. Well, I figured I had the fastest, badest car in Renton. Now Bob Schoenbachler had just bought a 62 Vette that he thought was pretty fast also. One nice spring day after school Bob and I were both heading north on 405 going up the Kennydale hill. So Bob pulls along side of me (traffic was light in those days) and we decide to race. We both floor it and Bob goes roaring away. Naturally I'm upset and bummed about the whole deal since I figured I'd kick his butt. So I catch up to him, we race again with the same result. He beats me by a bunch. Well we finally pull over and naturally Bob is giving me nothing but grief since he beat me so bad. I can't figue out why I got beat so bad since I had a pretty fast car. Finally Bob asks me if I shifted down a gear from fourth to third when we raced. Nope, I was too dumb for that, didn't shift down to third and got my rear end handed to me. I wanted to race Bob again, but no luck. He had "bragging rights" and wasn't about to loose them. The moral of the story? A fast car counts but it's the driver who makes a difference. And Bob Schoenbachler still owes me a race !!!!!!!!