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01/23/15 11:34 PM #111    


Kenneth Docktor

It'so sad of all the classmates we have lost over the years. To see the names makes me very sad. It also reminds me we must live our lives to the fullest each and every day. Hope to see all our class mate's during our 50th reunion.

01/24/15 02:58 PM #112    

Douglas Buss

It is very sad to see the names of the classmates that have past indeed.

I look at the list and wonder what did happen to them and where have they been.

I took to time to look up my dear classmate Genn Burzenski here are some of the little facts about him:

Born Dec 27 1946 Seattle, WA. Attend Ambassator College in Big Springs (Yes he was the shot putter)

Lived in the Anacortes area and worked at 1000 Trails RV park in La Conner from 1978 to June of 2004.

Glenn pasted on July 1 2004 in Renton Wa from complication of liver and kidney disease.

I will miss him.

02/12/15 09:45 PM #113    


Phil Skochilich

I knew Jerri Green in School, a very Nice girl !  Her Brother was good friends with my Brother, Ken,    I was hoping the Memory List would STOP !  at least until Sept.   I guess Life goes on ?  Philip  Skochilich

06/08/15 08:18 PM #114    


Robin Riley

Just wondering ... Does anyone know whatever became of  Warren Mitchel?  I'd dearly like to hear that he is well and prospering ... or, at least, know that he is not ... Anyone, please?

Robin Riley



06/09/15 12:08 PM #115    


Michael Benson

Warren Mitchell is Live in Ballard Area

08/18/15 09:20 PM #116    


Phil Skochilich

As a worker with my Wife, on the 50th. Reunion.      I am Very happy that everyone that came to 1 or 5 events,  had a Good time.  Those who did not make it............You missed out.        Looking for the 51st.   

I would LIKE to thank,       Linda & Jerry M. for going far beyond there Job !      Phil  Skochilich   

08/19/15 07:16 AM #117    


Chris Rader (Doerr)

Thanks so much to all those involved in planning such a wonderful weekend, and especially to Jerry and Linda for everything they continue to do to keep the class connected.  I enjoyed every minute of the weekend, and was so happy to see so many long-ago friends.  Loved seeing the cars, too!

08/19/15 12:35 PM #118    


Bonnie Tomkinson (Hill)

Thank you one and all who worked on the Reunion plans. It was a lot of fun and I was able to talk to so many friends from my years at RHS. I know I also missed a lot of classmates who were there. Maybe next year I'll get around to everyone. I am very tired and I imagine the "worker bees" ar exhausted. I realy appreciate all of you.

08/19/15 01:21 PM #119    


Robert Worley

Wow! Thanks to the reunion committee. What a great time was had by all.It was even fun in the Foster golf course club house after being chased off the course by thunder, lightning and rain. So nice to seee friends from RHS 65.

08/20/15 03:44 PM #120    


Frann (Frances Gonzales (Todd)

I thoroughly enjoyed the dinner cruise . . . I echo other posts that I missed catching up with many of the attendees, but those I was able to catch up with and have a conversation, made the cruise very worthwhile.  Saw many classmates that I have not seen at past events.  The one thing I really missed was Phil's tomato harvest, but unforturnately had previous plans for day of the picnic.  Kudos to the planning committee for your tireless commitment to ensure the 50th graduation celebration was to be the best AND your planning was SUCCESSFULL!!  Thanks to the committee and to the attendees for making MY experience a fun and delightful event!!


08/21/15 10:27 AM #121    

Ellen Gasparach (Hill)

A huge thank you to all who worked on the committee. What a succeesful reunion it was. I really enjoyed meeting up again with fellow classmates I had not seen in years. Thank you for a job well done.

09/07/15 10:07 PM #122    


Phillip Stewart

We just got back this AM from our 'tour' of the NW after the reunion. I echo all the comments about the great time had by all. It was great to see people again after so many years and see how well life has treated them. The organizers did a wonderful job of it all. 

09/08/15 01:38 PM #123    


Gail Heise (Moreno)

Thanks to all the event was a blast from the past for me.  Loved it all!!

Gail Heise Moreno

10/17/15 04:16 AM #124    


Robin Riley


Where was the graduation party ... in Tacoma, but what was it called ... something by the sea?

Also, whose parents ... or better yet, how was that train trip arranged, and who got us that terrrible breakfast the morning after at the Boings cafeateria  ... I only faintly remember this stuff ... wonder why that may be!

10/17/15 10:30 AM #125    


Kathleen Maxwell (Osthus)

I tink it was called "Top of the Ocean"? I just remember getting soot on my white dress during the train ride. 


10/17/15 12:19 PM #126    


Ross Wingstrand

It was named "Top of the Ocean. I have a picture posted on my profile of what is there currently.

10/18/15 09:26 AM #127    


Chris Rader (Doerr)

The parents who planned that party did an amazing job.  Just the logistics of herding hundreds of students around is mind-boggling. I'd forgotten the breakfast at Boeing, but realistically, what other place would have had the capacity to feed that many kids early in the morning? I'll always remember that night as an incredibly fun time.

10/18/15 10:10 PM #128    


Darlene Harer (Sabey)

What a great reunion you all put on. So much fun so nice to see everyone. Picnic was also great. Thanks for all your hard work.  


10/19/15 11:34 AM #129    


Dick Mills

Darlene, did you have an older brother who was owner of Berkeley Structures? I worked for him after I graduated from college. He played football for UW. And yes, the reunion was the best I have ever attended either for RHS, or from where I ended up graduating, K-M. Very uplifting and enjoyable. Thanks to all.

10/19/15 11:37 AM #130    


Dick Mills

Darlene, ooops on my part..I see that Sabey is your married name...maybe you married someone I knew?

10/21/15 05:34 PM #131    


Darlene Harer (Sabey)

I I tried sending this yesterday. I am married to Dean, his brother Dave had Berkeley structures. 

10/22/15 12:03 PM #132    


Dick Mills

Darlene, I did get it the first time....thanks for being thoughtful enough to resend.

10/23/15 07:52 PM #133    


Darlene Harer (Sabey)

 I am just learning to use this website.  It is fun to read everyone's responses. 


10/24/15 01:52 PM #134    

Vicki Horoton (Musselman)

Jerry and the others keeping this site going are to be commended, it's great to see the response!

02/21/18 05:10 PM #135    


Frann (Frances Gonzales (Todd)

Would like to send out a heartful Thank You to all who posted birthday greetings . . . I am one of those people who use the whole week to celebrate my birthday.  I figure I can get the most "bang for my buck"!!

​Again, thank you for making a bright spot on my birthday . . .

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