Gail's Red 65 Impala
Posted Thursday, January 27, 2011 09:29 PM

The beginning of Senior year Gail drove her Red 65 Impala to School everyday. Those were the days when you had to have a parking permit to park in the Student lot and she did'nt have hers yet so she was parking in the lot for Wiliams & Swanson. I was taking Drivers Ed at the time with Mr. Riddle. He knew Gail was driving to school (which I guess with out the permit was a big No No). We would be driving around town and everytime we went by any parking lot he would asked me which one was Gail's car. (Guess he had no clue what she was driving.) We must have driven by that Red Car 10 times and not a peep out of me. Later when she got her permit, he find out what the car looked like and made a comment about the number of times we drove by it and I wouldn't tell him which one it was.

That car was great fun driving the loop in Renton and Seward Park.  We only had one little hitch. Gail's little brother Bill, when he decided he had to go with us. Needless to say Bill spend the mojority of the evening on the floor in the back sit. He then figures if that's the case he made us pay him .50 to keep that and other secrets. Think it's now called blackmail. We are still giving him grief when every possible.