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Lynn Ware

Lynn Ware

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02/07/15 11:50 AM #3    

John Chanik

I certainly do remember Lynn "The Saxman" Ware. I'm glad I had the chance to know him in high school.

02/07/15 06:05 PM #4    

Barbara Wright (Cooper)

I remember the "Soul Saxman."  We had a lot of laughs in study hall--a really kind and gentle guy.  Rest peacefully Lynn.


05/23/15 06:47 PM #5    

Paul Sullivan

I new him all the way from grade school thru high school. Great guy and loved his saxophone playing!!

05/24/15 01:45 PM #6    

Robert Presley

A classy guy. I have many memories of Lynn - sitting in his basement after school jammin' along with Jr. Walker and the All Stars - Getting on the bus in the morning and laughing at me sitting there doing my homework shaking his head and saying "Maaannnn". He was a good soul and will be missed.



10/12/16 01:47 PM #7    

Diane Quinlivan (Dempsey)

I also was in that Russian language class for three years. We were such a small class it included 1st to 3rd year students. While I remember Lynn from the class,  I think of him most for his  music.

10/14/16 11:28 AM #8    

Bonnie Tomkinson (Hill)

Lynn always wore a smile and had such a great attitude. He was so talented musically and was extremely intelligent. It is a shame he is gone at such a young age. Play your sax in Heaven friend.

10/15/16 02:12 PM #9    

Michael Hanis

Sorry I haven't shared my recollections of Lynn before now.  We were good buddies from 8th grade on.  I was trying to figure out how to get in touch with him a few years ago, when I found out he was gone.  I should have contacted him before that.  He came into my office a short while before he passed.  That had to be while he was battling cancer.  I was out, and missed him.  Regrets.

He was an expert in martial arts.  Could have probably dis-assembled most men, but never acted in anger that I saw.  A very kind, gentle man.   

Our common interest was music, which was his life's passion.  He convinced me to play tenor sax, his primary instrument.  He was very good.  I was very enthusiastic.  He also played pretty good keyboards.  He and I touched base occasionally over the years.  He stayed in music and had a great career, playing all over the US, and spent some time playing in Europe.  His history is the history of the Northwest Sound. In later life he was a well-respected instructor and band director.  Great repuation in the jazz, funk and hip hop community.  A funk pioneer.  An exceptional man; I'm proud to have been his friend and classmate.  

I have a memorium I think his daughter prepared that describes his life and career in detail.  I'll figure out how to get it up on here, even if I have to re-type it myself.  More later.

Mike Hanis

10/15/16 02:15 PM #10    

Michael Hanis

Oh, and we were both in Russian class together.  Dared each other to do it.  Mr. Terzisky.  Two years.  I failed one semester; my only failing grade in high school!  Lynn did his best to drag me along, but I was such a procrastinator!

10/18/16 12:39 AM #11    

Charlie Ashmore

Here's a couple Lynn Ware stories:

I went all the way through school with Lynn. One time in grade six it was Valentine's Day and a lot of the boys and girls were trading Valentives day cards, sometimes anonymously. I had a crush on this gal so I gave her a card, but I typed it out cause I knew she'd recognize my writing. Only thing is Lynn and I were the only two boys in the class that had a typewriter .

Well, she came up to me and said "Thanks for the card, Charlie  " I said how did you know it was me? She said, "you and Lynnn are the only boys with typewriters."

She didn't even have to say the rest of it. The implication was that since Lynn was black it couldn't have been him giving a Valentine's Day card to a white girl.  I'm sure you remember those days  

In junior high at McKnight once this smaller scrappy dude -- ok I'll go ahead and say it, it was Ray Wolf -- was mouthing off to Lynn and giving him a hard time. Now like  Mike Hanis said, Lynn was a gentle dude, but this time he'd had enough and he just very quick-like just reached out and slapped Ray right in the face, hard. You should have seen the look on Ray's face  He went around the rest of the day cussing out "that fucking n****r."

When Lynn signed my senior yearbook he said something about  "...( a bunch of stuff I don't remember)...cause you got soul, Charlie"  I always took that as a compliment, but then a few years later I got to thinking, maybe he said that to all the guys! Lol

Isn't life a trip?





10/26/16 03:01 PM #12    

Jerry Hudson

Actually Lynn (Soul Saxman) died in 2004 of stomach cancer


He was a music intovator and a musical artist, played in several goups that hit some national prominence


We do miss him

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