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Patti Vincent

Patti Vincent

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05/03/14 11:07 PM #1    

Robin Riley

As far back as the '75 reunion, there wasn't any update on Patti ... but since someone has listed here, as having died ... it would be nice to compile a little more information about her, for the rest of us, her classmates.

05/03/14 11:22 PM #2    

Linda West


Patti passed away in March of 1971, See had a rare illness that would not allow her system to absorb any food with Glutin in it. Peggy and there brother Doug all had to be tested to see if they carried the gene. It was and still is very hard for Peggy to talk about. They were so very close. I still see Peggy quite often, see's still living in Renton.


05/04/14 12:33 AM #3    

Terrance Pardee

The first time I met Patti and twin-sister Peggy we were first-graders at Valley Elementary in Kent.  I never met sweeter, nicer, little girls.  I was very pleased to see them again at RHS.  Didn't know about Patti's death until many years after the fact.  Like so many others, she left us way too soon!  Terrance W. Pardee

05/04/14 02:05 PM #4    

Peggy Vincent

Thank both of you, Linda and Terry, for your in memory comments about my twin sister Patty.

Yes, Patty had nontropical sprue more commonly known today as celiac disease. But at the time her doctors did not know what she had; unfortunately, while in the hospital she was fed a high gluten diet causing damage to her villi in the lining of her intestines. I miss her so much.

Terry, I remember being in 1st and 6th grade classes with you at Valley Elementary. I always thought you were such a cutie!

05/05/14 03:28 PM #5    

Robin Riley

Ahhh... a little detail concerning lovely expectations, Lost ...

There are so many of our Class that I've often thought of ... often kindly thought of ...

My wife, Darlene, was once diagnosed with celiac; turnes out it was something more benighn, just a gluten intolerance, not as "rare" as you might think ... doctores, back then were so ignorant! ... I, too, miss her ...wish it were not so.

05/06/14 11:02 AM #6    

Peggy Vincent

Thank you, Robin, for your heart-felt concern for all our classmates we have lost.

Four decades after Patty's death - yes, celiac disease is now a well-known disease which many are diagnosed as having. Patty would still be with us today had she been informed to simply eliminate gluten.

05/07/14 09:37 AM #7    

Gail Heise (Moreno)

She is still missed..never will forget our fun times!  Love  you both!


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