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01/06/15 11:47 AM #91    


Linda Buck (McMinniman)

I think that would be a great idea, Phil!

01/07/15 04:36 PM #92    


Stephen Jex

I think adding a star to those who died in service of their country is a perfect idea.

01/07/15 04:54 PM #93    


David Hajny

Like most of you it was fun reading all the old memories. A couple of weeks ago I found my CRRR membership card. Couldn't believe I still had it. I still have a couple of the Cheiftan papers and my old SBA cards. Treasures I guess.

Phil I think the Star is a great idea.

01/07/15 05:38 PM #94    


Craig Oakley

Phil, A star, U.S. flag, or possibly an insignia of the branch of service, ie.     

01/07/15 08:23 PM #95    


Linda Toschi (Finn)

Phil - I think the star idea is great, too. And Dave Hajny - I still have a CRRR tee shirt! It woud be fun if everyone drags all their old stuff to the reunion - I know I have cheerleader letters, my graduation tassel, probably some report cards, and some Chieftains stashed in my messy basement somewhere. 

01/07/15 10:08 PM #96    


Phil Skochilich

Well then its a STAR !           Linda, if I talk to Joyce Nakashima, and ask the rest of the Cheerleaders,  would you Girls be up for a "Cheer" at the Reunion ?    Phil  PS.  Its just a suggestion ?

01/08/15 03:46 PM #97    


Linda Toschi (Finn)

Good grief, Phil -- that would be something to behold. I don't remember any of the moves but I suppose we could paste something together that would work for these old bodies of ours!

01/08/15 06:37 PM #98    


Bonnie Tomkinson (Hill)

Linda, I also Have my CRRR tee shirt. I love it. But where can you wear it?

01/09/15 09:19 AM #99    


Jerry Monaghan

Wear it to the bar where else would be appropriate

01/09/15 02:09 PM #100    


Phil Skochilich

Bonnie,  To the 50 th. Reunion Picnic ?

01/09/15 05:28 PM #101    


Bonnie Tomkinson (Hill)

Good idea Jerry. Phil, it might be a little tight!!

01/09/15 08:31 PM #102    


Linda Toschi (Finn)

Ha ha ha, Bonnie -- haven't tried mine on for YEARS, good question as to whether it still fits (or not)!

01/10/15 09:30 AM #103    


Jerry Monaghan

No man ever complained about too tight a tee shirt lol

01/10/15 10:44 AM #104    


Ron Mattson

I still have my 'original'! Although it has a huge hole (battery acid, I think) as well as paint splatters all over it! My 'replica' T-shirt is still pristine, however. Looking forward to 'the gathering' this summer and hoping to see most of you! 

01/12/15 12:09 PM #105    


Bonnie Tomkinson (Hill)

Jerry, you have not lost your sense of humor!!


01/13/15 09:38 AM #106    


Jerry Monaghan

No bonnie I'm still that wild and crazy guy now they can't make me stand in the hallway or in a desk in the corner lol

01/14/15 01:04 PM #107    


Stephen Jex

Are y'all saying we should bring our year books to the reunion? Let me know, i think i have junior and senior year!

01/14/15 08:21 PM #108    


Phil Skochilich

Steve,  Bring what you want to the Reunion but,    Rifles, Shotguns and  Pistols.  I think Annuals is a Great idea.  Phil  

01/14/15 08:29 PM #109    


Bonnie Tomkinson (Hill)

I look forward to seeing you Jerry at the reunion.

01/23/15 08:01 PM #110    


Phil Skochilich

With the new updated Memorial list we might need 2 Boards ?  Phil

01/23/15 11:34 PM #111    


Kenneth Docktor

It'so sad of all the classmates we have lost over the years. To see the names makes me very sad. It also reminds me we must live our lives to the fullest each and every day. Hope to see all our class mate's during our 50th reunion.

01/24/15 02:58 PM #112    

Douglas Buss

It is very sad to see the names of the classmates that have past indeed.

I look at the list and wonder what did happen to them and where have they been.

I took to time to look up my dear classmate Genn Burzenski here are some of the little facts about him:

Born Dec 27 1946 Seattle, WA. Attend Ambassator College in Big Springs (Yes he was the shot putter)

Lived in the Anacortes area and worked at 1000 Trails RV park in La Conner from 1978 to June of 2004.

Glenn pasted on July 1 2004 in Renton Wa from complication of liver and kidney disease.

I will miss him.

02/12/15 09:45 PM #113    


Phil Skochilich

I knew Jerri Green in School, a very Nice girl !  Her Brother was good friends with my Brother, Ken,    I was hoping the Memory List would STOP !  at least until Sept.   I guess Life goes on ?  Philip  Skochilich

06/08/15 08:18 PM #114    


Robin Riley

Just wondering ... Does anyone know whatever became of  Warren Mitchel?  I'd dearly like to hear that he is well and prospering ... or, at least, know that he is not ... Anyone, please?

Robin Riley



06/09/15 12:08 PM #115    


Michael Benson

Warren Mitchell is Live in Ballard Area

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